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Human Harvest + Digital Shaman Lodge

  • Wild Embeddings 173 Jefferson Street Brooklyn, NY 11206 (map)

Human Harvest
concepted by Starlight Romero
September 22nd - October 6th

"Harvest the self for the future of the world"

Opening Reception September 22nd + Digital Shaman Lodge
Doors 8p
Performance 9p
Digital Shaman Lodge 12a - 8a

In a parallel dimension very similar to the one you inhabit, biologists and computer scientists are working together to create a new breed of super-humans. By implementing pieces of artificial intelligence into the organic body they have effectively bypassed the most troublesome problem, overcoming the Turing test - making the machine indistinguishable from that of a human. 

Now, with the new state-of-the-art Heptasex Repository, concepted by Starlight Romero, scientists are able to conduct their work more rapidly and efficiently. This advancement is claimed to be the KEY to unlocking the future progress of humanity. Within the Heptasex Repository the human undergoes a transformation of self through lights, motion, and sound - a fully immersive world for transcendence to transpire. The process of the metamorphosis varies from human to human as each experience is dependent on the experiment's heartbeat and voice to create a unique, one of a kind, occurrence.

On September 22nd 2018, the initial public unveiling of the Heptasex Repository will take place at Wild Embeddings in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Please join us as we conduct the very first AI-Human transduction during a live performance piece by ONISM. Following the performance, the viewers will be able to voluntarily enter the chamber and have an immersive experience of their own. After the opening reception, at midnight, the Digital Shaman Lodge will use the installation as the meeting point for their ritualistic all night ceremony.


WILD TØR∇S DIGITAL SHAMAN LODGE, a truly unique event that will immerse you in an alternate world via lights, sounds, interaction, and other vehicles of the spirit. The space is yours to explore during your journey of channeling the digital consciousness into the flesh. Digital Shaman Lodge will make contact with the spiritual core of the Net and build a repository of psychic energy.

WT along with ONISM and others will act as experience initiators, guides, canaries. We will lead you through rituals that will produce mind-altering effects. The rituals include aural field experimentation, frequency vibration modulation, visual suggestion exploration, and oral substances.

The space has been specifically configured to the correct setting in order to advance the effectiveness of your experience. The immersive 3D dimension will have moving visual projections and lights that will be continuously transforming with mirrors and smoke, creating a ever-changing optical field. Interactive pieces will speak hidden healing messages.

The Lodge will be a sacred space for the post-digital revolution generation.

The space for this overnight workshop is VERY LIMITED, reserve your ticket early to guarantee admission


$10 entry for Human Harvest
$25 entry for Digital Shaman Lodge (online only)
$30 Human Harvest + DSL (online only)