You all inspire me so much! And I’m not gonna lie. I was perpetually jizzing the entire show… Then [ONISM] started and I completely lost it. My jizz started coagulating in a weird way. The stuff that was coming out of me was not normal. It was gold and glittery. Then I realized it wasn’t jizz at all. It was inspiration. I was oozing inspiration.
— HEXPRESSIONIST, Los Angeles based noise artist
Although I have never seen a live birth, Oya Damla and ONISM created a visceral, intense interpretation of this sacred act. As a laser-beam-wielding participant, I was sucked into the naturalistic magick that is the artists’ hallmark. Blessed be those who are able to experience their distinct performances!
— John Maggi
The experience of ONISM is one that at first takes you to a comforting scene of erotic aesthetics. Tricking the mind into believe that your safe in the perspective of self. It then rips off the vail of comfort and thrusts you onto a dinner plate of sensuality where you are the main course. Pushing and pumping emotions of pleasure and fear into your veins. leaving you with a sense of unfulfilled sensuality that afterwards makes you yearn for more.
— Danny Gonzalez, international performance artist